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Monday, 4 June 2012

Handmade Recordings Vol.1

Artist : Braulio Motus / Michael Ruris
Title : Handmade Recordings Vol.1
Label : Handmade Recordings
Styles : West Coast House / Tech-House

This latest sampler from San Francisco imprint Handmade Recordings features two bay area producers from deep within the label's stable: Braulio Motus and Michael Ruris. "Upside Down" is Braulio Motus's fifth track for the Handmade label, and the San Francisco-via-New York-via-Philippines producer is certainly on the rise with his down-and-dirty, bass-heavy tech-house cuts. Featuring a hearty rhythm track and an imposing bass line growl, Braulio's cut bounces with airy percussion flourishes, phased-out breakdowns, and a forceful vocal sample repeating the song's title. MIchael Ruris is up next, coming off the acclaim of his "Glow" single from the previous Handmade release. "Rev Combi (I Got You)" is led by a unique plucked-style melodic sound, complimented with organ stabs, quick guitar hits, and echoed whispers. A bit techier than Michael's previous material, the cut has a definite wild side with a strange, almost theremin-like solo and subtle, sung vocals also entering the sonic fray. It's a unique track sure to turn heads on the dance floor when inserted into a DJ's set.

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