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Monday, 11 December 2017

This Week's New Entries

Mert Yucel & Goknil Gokmen - DeepXperience EP

Without any doubt, MERT YUCEL is definitely one of the key players defining the underground house sound emerging from the city of Istanbul. Credited with being the first Turkish producer to release a dance music album at the tender age of 22, he is no stranger to underground success internationally with his chart hitting releases on record labels like WIGGLE, HOUSEHOLD, SUBVERSIVE, MAYA, and many many more. Within a very short period of time Mert’s techy-driving style won him an army of dedicated fans at home and abroad and elevated him to superstar status in his homeland. His tracks are always singled-out for praise by some of the most respected names in the game, notably DANNY TENAGLIA, STEVE LAWLER, DANNY HOWELLS, OMID16B and XPRESS2 amongst many others.

Tahir Jones - Do Da Dance (Oh So Coy Records)

It's that time already.. Christmas, NYE, looooooots of booze & food :) 
Plus our last release for the year..

Tahir Jones closing 2017 off in fine style with the aptly titled Do Da Dance.

Slowed tempo, deep feels and a classy TJ vocal - this is proper original fodder.
Remixes come courtesy of our German connec Marc Heun who's provided some excellent sampled house for us this year, Greek duo BeeKay Deep who've also had a great run of releases this year and the rather mysterious Akio Imai who's got a pendant for tracky grooves. All in all a slick pack with a number of different moods.

It's been an excellent year and we'd like to say a BIIIIG thank you to everyone who's supported us!!
We'll be back in 2018 with more good music ;-)

Party hearty and stay safe this festive season X

Releases mastered by

Exclusive Release date: 22/12/2017 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 05/01/2018

Fory - Orisha Ele EP (Black Code Records)

In this EP Fory wants to make a tribute to the religion of their ancestors, bringing to the world a small part of the Orisha message, especially with "Orisha Ele" intends to give a tribute to Saint Eleggua, who is known as the owner of the keys of destiny, This is a conceptual EP, mysterious, with dark nuance and ethnic percussion but worked in a synthetic way, atmospheres, organic pad and the voices that make known the concept of religion that the label owner professes, This is Black Code. 

Released December 17, 2017 on Black Code






Monday, 4 December 2017

This Week's New Entries

Ryan Murgatroyd - Something Said (Ian Pooley Remixes)

Get Physical will end 2017 and start 2018 with two remixes packages that find first Ian Pooley, then Super Flu, rework Ryan Murgatroyd’s essential ‘Something Said’ track from the label’s latest Words Don’t Come Easy compilation.

South African Ryan Murgatroyd is a Cape Town based producer who has amassed a fine discography over the last decade. Now signed to labels like Defected and Get Physical and a regular at Hï Ibiza with Black Coffee, his ‘Something Said’ was a real standout in this year’s compilation, not least for the way its popping drums, lithe percussion and colourful melodies did such a lively dance. At its heart though were the wonderfully pained vocals, courtesy of one of South Africa’s true rising stars, who for now shall remain nameless which were layered over the top of the groove whilst a tumbling bassline helps flesh out the inventive and original sound. This original version is available on both of the remixes packages.

The first package also comes with two remixes from long time Berlin house head, Pooled Music boss and respected producer Ian Pooley. His first fine remix is a full fat house track with vamping chords injecting energy and urgency to the slithering hi hats and mid-tempo kicks. It’s a set building tune that sweeps you up and carries you along before the chords drop out and reveal a pained bassline. The dub mix removes the longing vocals to focus more on the chords and bass and result in a warm and melodic house groove that is effortlessly timeless.

Use this link for your Beatport DJ-Charts:

Ohxalá - Sereias do Planeta Vermelho EP

Artist: Ohxalá
Title: Sereias do Planeta Vermelho EP
Remixes by: Lemurian | MiRET | Rodrigo Gallardo
Cat #: SRMR177
Label: Ready Mix Records

Release Date: 
December 11th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
December 25th 2017 (Worldwide)

Our penultimate release on Ready Mix for 2017 comes from Portuguese duo Maria and Luis, making their label debut under the “Ohxalá” moniker to present us with their latest triple tracker “Sereias do Planeta Vermelho EP”.

The title track “Sereias do Planeta Vermelho” reflects the pair’s obsession with ancient instruments and traditional sounds from Brazil, Africa, Portugal and beyond. Jungle sounds play with tribal percussion and haunting flutes, punctuated by subtle electronic touches in this hypnotic and idiosyncratic chill-out gem.

Also making his Ready Mix debut, spiritual sonic explorer and maker of “shamanic psychedelia”, Lemurian turns in a scintillating remix, making the most of the exotic parts and adding a few of his own to build a soul-stirring Deep Tech bubbler.

Second original track, “O Barulho do Gizo da Cobra” blends eastern percussion with birdsong and a Brazilian spoken word vocal to create a sumptuous and languid vibe, reminiscent of Thievery Corporation. 

On remix duties, nomadic Latin producer MiRET adds a hypnotic hangdrum and some heavier percussion to suit the deepest sunset sessions.

For the final original track “Berimbal Regionau”, Ohxalá once again blend instrumentation from across the globe with somewhat darker electronic touches to create something that sounds almost like acoustic dubstep. 

Supplying the final remix of the package, Chilean musician and producer Rodrigo Gallardo takes the track into a flute frenzy over potent organic rhythms and guitars. 


Stan Kolev - Empower

For our next single, we are super excited to present you with a great deep house cracker from none other than Stan Kolev!
With over 92 pages of releases on Traxsource on labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Outta limits, Dutchie Music and more, this
is a producer who needs no further introduction.

His single 'Empower' is a powerful and beautifully produced deep house track, perfect for mid or late night sets. A chunky bassline and groovy percussion combine with
jazzy piano chords and sassy vocals to create this great deep house tune. Tripped out arpeggios are introduced later in the track lifting the vibes to the heavens.

Sonic Soul Records owner and manager Rishi K. steps up with the first remix in this pack. His version is created in his typical style, focusing on the melodic elements of the original track and creating a slightly more progressive track.

The third remix in this release is from Bulgarian based deep and progressive house producer Allan Zax. A true progressive masterpiece, his remix gets a groovy bassline going, interstellar SFX and ambience, new vocals and great piano stabs. This remix also focuses on the progressive house elements, and is a driving track sure to get anyone grooving.

Last and not least, Deep Active Sound creates a super deep remix. This remix is bouncy, groovy and just plain delicious. With a classic deep house vibe, this one will definitely be a favorite among deep house heads. The production is spot on, with beautiful sound effects, percussion,lush stabs and pads.

One of our favorite releases of the year, we are sure that you will find something here to enjoy, and play.


The Foreigners & Shosho - Dreams EP

As a Christmas present to all of you music lovers out there, Submarine Vibes presents a new release called Dreams EP, which includes four dream-like tracks by The Foreigners, a musical duo from Bulgaria, two of which are a collaboration with a Bulgarian producer ShoSho. The mystical and melodic sounds on the tracks are empowered by the binding club groove that will keep your bodies movin'. 

The Foreigners caught the public eye, by winning the competition for the remix of the famous Emperor by Ali Love, released on Crosstown Rebels, after which their music appeared on such labels as Dear Deer, NOPRESET, and Audio Tonic Records.

Shosho is recognizable for his collaboration with artists like Metodi Hristov, Ron Costa, Eddy M, and the releases on some of the most established labels such as 303Lovers, Time Has Changed, Lapsus and Set About. The rhythms of the two tracks ShoSho is featured on, have that distinct tech-house signature of his. 

The Foreigners (Dear Deer, Crosstown Rebels):

ShoSho (Set About, 303Loves, Time Has Changed):

Submarine Vibes:

VA - Winter Sampler 20 Year Compilation (Uniting Souls Music)

Twenty years of Uniting Souls! The Seattle institution – collective, events promoter, and record label – celebrates an impressive two decades since formation with a compilation showcasing some of the crew's strongest contributors. Across top notch eight cuts, the Winter Sampler: 20 Year Compilation delivers the deep, underground beats that Uniting Souls is known for. Michael Manahan (Hunt & Gather) starts off the sampler with the groovy "Center Peace," featuring evocative vocals from Tamika Jackson which alternates between sung and spoken phrases. Spacey pads and sharp chords drive things along nicely. Long-time Uniting Souls denizen Tokita (Night Grooves) then unleashes "Jazzcid" which funks up the proceedings. Its delicious nods to the old school are irresistible. "Everyday" comes courtesy of Jeromy Nail (Innerflight Music), dropping intricate beat programming, bouncing sub bass, and a slinky dance floor vibe. DJ duo Lee Houser (Tilted Records) contributes two cuts, with "Art of State" exhibiting a classic, psychedelic west coast deep house flavor. The pair's "Don't Even Know Me" then gets remixed by veteran Uniting Souls DJ Jordan Strong who sublimely places the cut right in the middle of an underground basement party at 4 AM. Reno, Nevada, DJs Sulli & 5657 are up next, delivering some particularly chunky beats and a ton of late night atmosphere. Live electronic trio renowned & much loved in the Pacific Northwest festival community, Madly In Dub lend an exotic flair with "Suenos Verdes," and Jordan Strong returns to close out the compilation with the deep, percussive, and dark "Picture In The Sky," a collaboration with Shonja. Winter Sampler: 20 Year Compilation serves as a brilliant 'state of the nation' for Uniting Souls and its family. The label and collective is as strong as ever, and there's no sign of slowing down. Seattle's house music underground is in good hands. 

Label and Artist Links:


Sue Avenue - Back From Home EP (Lany Recordings)

Release Date: 8 December 2017
Format: Digital & Vinyl

01. Try (Feat. Marta Del Grandi)
02. Try (Brett Johnson Main Vox Remix)
03. Try (Brett Johnson Filter Freak Dub) [Vinyl Only]
04. Back From Home
05. Back From Home (Wanvel Dub) [Digital Only]

Lany Recordings is a Belgian label run by Maxim Lany and dedicated to House music with previous releases that have featured the likes of Sierra Sam, Larse, San Soda and Stavroz.

After their phenomenal debut EP on Lany Recordings in 2015, Sue Avenue finally returns with a carefully selected EP that contains two magnificent original tracks perfectly reflecting what the artist and label stand for.

In the two years since their last release, Sue Avenue which consists of Hannes Ledoux and Pieter Santens, have been busy with releases on labels including Sex Panda White, Melodymathics and Nervous Records. Many will already be familiar with their last Lany Recordings release that featured their chart topping track "Homeless", which covered the Crystal Waters anthem "Gypsy Woman".

Also appearing on this release as a remix artist is American based Brett Johnson who boasts previous releases on labels including Classic Music Company, Visionquest, Housewax, Get Physical and Eats Everything’s Edible.

Brett Johnson’s music incorporates a variety of different influences ranging from Techno to Disco, but with House music at its core his tracks have a bumping groove that many have come to adore.

The release also features a solo remix from Wanvel who is fast becoming a Lany Recordings regular; following his debut solo EP that was recently released on the label.

First up is “Try” led by the gentle vocals of Marta Del Grandi. The track is rich in delicate melody and uplifting synths. Deep and dreamy, it has an eloquence that will light up any dancefloor with sonic rays of audio sunshine.

Second is Brett Johnson’s remix of Try which comes in four parts, the main version being a chunked up dancefloor focused version for peak time club use. Teasing the vocal he allows his backing track with new bassline and rolling groove to be the focus, before also introducing his own twisted but still ethereal lead synth.

After his main remix Brett Johnson also presents an alternative vinyl only versions, which titled "Filter Freak Dub" brings some subtle Disco influenced vibes to the track. 

"Back From home" has a laid back groove with soft pads layered over broken percussion rhythms with a delightful skip to the kick drum. Epic as it builds with reverb washed melodies, there is something irresistible about the Balearic vibes of this track.

The final track is Wanvel’s stripped back remix of “Back From home” which has some added funk with the help of a new bass line. Keeping the originals percussion groove and allowing it be the main focus of this rework, this moody remix is chic with a graceful flow.







Tuesday, 28 November 2017

This Week's New Entries

EMR007 Sly Moore - Muoosic (Elevate Melodies Records)

Instilled with a love of raw analogue synths from a young age, Sly Moore uses that electronic education to good effect with his second release on Jay Airness’ new label, Elevate Melodies. 

Channeling swung New Jersey deep house, ‘Muoosic’ is the sort of jam that would kick start any dancefloor from open to close, the descending keys and playful stop/start percussion creating something that Julio Bashmore fans will love. 

The package comes with three remixes: the Acid Revolution Mix does exactly what it says, with oscillating bass goodness sitting astride a throbbing, escalating rework, while the Alda remix takes things more industrial, choosing a darker vibe that would suit Ivan Smagghe and Andrew Weatherall. And finally, Bertrand Dupart dials up the funk and injects some serious soul creating the perfect warm up track.

Release date : 2017 December 15th






Tuesday, 21 November 2017

This Week's New Entries

Salski - Can See

Release Date: 
November 27th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
December 11th 2017 (Worldwide)

Swiftly becoming a regular fixture on a series of respected underground labels such as Haute Musique, Spring Tube, The Purr Music as well as Ready Mix, Arkadiusz Salski aka Salski is a 25 year old producer from Poland. 

His latest offering is a tender deep house cut titled 'Can See'. Smooth, sweet and melodic throughout. 'Can See' blends classical pianos, soft electronic touches and languid, rolling beats with an enthralling vocal sample to create a meditative and poignant piece of music. 

Serbian production powerhouse and The Purr Music Bossman, Marijan Raskovic better known as 'Jelly For The Babies' is first up on remix duties, making good use of the track's addictive and sweet melody to go deeper still, reminding us all why he can count Mark Knight, Groove Armada and Hernan Cattaneo among his many fans. 

Next up to remix 'Can See', another Ready Mix stalwart, Deep Active Sound, takes the controls, steering the track in a more progressive direction with a bass groove that borders on scandalous. 

Wrapping up our musical package with a beautiful ribbon, Spennu aka Sezer Uysal delivers an atmospheric, stripped back reworking, tugging the heartstrings while shining a spotlight on the powerful piano and vocal parts.

As always, our eternal thanks go to Fabien Kamb at Standpoint Mastering for polishing this release to the shine.


Inspector Macbet - On The Top EP

Having previously released on Haute Musique under his 'Groove Tools' alias in collaboration with Spring Reason, Oleg Ryzhkov returns to the label as 'Inspector Macbet' to deliver his 'On The Top EP' with two Originals 'On The Top' and 'All About You'. 

Additional remix for 'On The Top' is provided courtesy of San Francisco's ultra cool producer, Rishi K. 

All tracks are lovingly mastered by Rob Small, UK. 


Andreas Golias - Siddhartha EP

Andreas Golias, one of the most promising young talents in the Athenian electronic music scene, delivers us the «Siddhartha» Ep, including 3 mind trippin' underground electronica productions, «Govinda»,«River Crossing» and «Time».
The «Siddhartha» Ep is a superb organ, bass and groove hybrid of both music styles, deep and progressive house.


VA - Play It Like Papa (Papa Records)

One of the most loved UK soulful labels, Papa Records, celebrate 15 glorious years of brilliant musical output with their special anniversary compilation, 'Play It Like Papa'. Established in 2002 in East London by producer/DJ Oli Lazarus, Papa Records quickly established themselves as one the best labels for soulful music. Sticking true to their sound, they have gone from strength to strength releasing approximately 100 singles and nearly 50 albums to date. 'Play It Like Papa' is a true celebration of the label's timeless musical output, available as a triple CD, divided into Broken Beat & Nu Jazz, Soulful House and Deep House & House genres, along with a giant digital download release including 120 catalogue gems! The track list boasts a huge list of cuts from heavyweight international shakers including; Blaze, Faze Action, Eli Escobar, Dennis Ferrer, Atjazz, Tony Momrelle, Dario D'Attis, Bugz In the Attic, Jon Cutler, Matthias ‘Matty’ Heilbronn, Osunlade, Simon Grey, Richard Earnshaw, Restless Soul and so many more. Favourites such as 'The Light', 'Can't Stop' and 'Second Guess' come from label's homegrown band Reel People on some of their acclaimed collaborations with vocalists Angela Johnson, Jag, Dyanna Fearon, Vanessa Freeman and Sharlene Hector, among others. 'Play It Like Papa' also features tracks from upcoming talents Sebb Junior and Saison, whose 'How You Feel' is an exclusive new track available on digital download of the album.

"I Can’t believe how quickly the last 15 years have gone. We have had some real ups and downs, but it’s always been such a huge rush presenting music under our Papa banner. Thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey. Here’s to the next 15 years!!" - Oli Lazarus

One particular artist who has worked very closely with Papa Records over the years is  the legendary DJ Spinna, who has released and remixed for label on tracks such as 'We Can Change This World', 'Living My Life', 'Back To You' and his acclaimed 'Intergalactic Soul' album and more. So who better to put on DJ mix duty for this special album than the Brooklyn deck wizard himself! Fasten your seat belts as DJ Spinna takes us on a Papa excursion delivering 3 superb exclusive journeys into each genre.

"As time progresses and musical fads come and go, Papa records remains true to all things soulful across many musical genres. They've are a trustworthy name for music that touches emotions and speaks to the heart of the people.” - Dj Spinna


Silver Ivanov - Braxtone EP

After a killer remix on our 100th release (which spent 6 weeks in the Traxsource Deep 100) we’re delighted to have 2 original tracks from this talented Bulgarian producer.
His tracks are a pleasure to play - groove heavy with beefy production, clever editing and slick keys. Braxtone has a slightly deeper edge to it whilst Da Chick is one serious weapon for the dancefloor. Enjoy.


UICHI - Melt Light EP (Solar Distance Records)

Release Date: Friday 24 November 2017
Format: Digital

Solar Distance run by UNER, is a label that shares its owners deep and melodic sound, fusing elements of both house and techno.

The new Solar Distance release is from Japanese artist U:ICHI who plays regularly at Tokyo’s world famous club WOMB. Having warmed up for many of the world's top DJ’s such as Dosem, Coyu and Edu Imbernon, his melodic sound has earned him a well-respected following.

Also producing his own music, U:ICHI has released music on labels such as Nothing But, Groove Factory, Galaxy Recz and Bass Works Recordings. Often collaborating with Amaoh or DJ Yoko, some of his more notable releases include a remix of Alberto Ruiz for Stickrecordings.

One of Japan's most exciting young talents, this expertly crafted EP is a fine example of what this incredible artist is all about, and why he is drawing attention from all four corners of the world.

Track one “Melt Light” has an uplifting vibe with soothing pads and a gentle groove powered by the bassline. Deep and atmospheric, the lead synth adds a hint of urgency with its arpeggiated melody. Finished with some cosmic sounding pads along with the delicate piano of the breakdown, this epic track is multi-layered and intelligent.

Second is “Subspace Forest” that has a slapping kick drum encased in a tapestry of sonic textures. Clean and crisp, the track is filled with the poignant emotions of the string sound, which layers under sparsely sequenced vocal phrases. The perfect end of the night tune, this track has a timeless sound that will no bout have wide spread appeal.


Daniel Ray - Sad Nomad (Rogue Decibels Records)

Jozi based Daniel Ray is a master at creating emotive soundscapes.
Crisp production backs stark heavy-hitting parts, haunted melodies and speaker rattling basslines. A house sound that’s found somewhere between deep, tech and afro influences.

Exclusive Release date: 08/12/2017 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 22/12/2017


Pedro Floriani - Black Tambourine EP

Emerald & Doreen welcomes Brazilian artist & DJ Pedro Floriani. Producing for more than 12 years and being a former member of Brazil’s Nu Disco outfit Lazy Kiss (check out their releases on Emerald & Doreen), Pedro is not an unknown and we are happy to present his first solo release on the label. Black Tambourine is featuring a tasty collection of classic deep house & micro house tracks spiced up with tropical vibe and some old skool Brazilian sound fx and samples incl. 12 bit akai samples, old dub plates and of course some tripping black tambourines.









Monday, 13 November 2017

This Week's New Entries

Genetic Funk feat Mr. V - The Believe (Atjazz Remixes)

Genetic Funk and Mr V's 'The Believe' spoken word groover of 2016 get's a sublime make-over from the mighty Atjazz. Injecting some raw beat science, teased with abstract jazzy key hooks and celestial melodies, Atjazz cultivates a hypnotic ambience to accompany V's positive message… 'Believe”.
Si Firmin aka Genetic Funk has been producing house music for over 20 years, starting in the studio with Grant Nelson as 24hr Experience on Nice N Ripe records. After many years and releases working with the likes of Colonel Abrams, Michael Watford, Brian Chambers and remixing for Universal Music plus hitting the UK charts under the name Latin Jazz Company, Si finds himself still in love with house and busy in the studio creating music. The Grounded Records label is starting to gather some serious momentum with recent releases 'Love Life' with Michelle Weeks (ft Michele Chiavarini remix), 'The Believe' with Mr V and most recently 'System', gaining support from House music heavyweights including Tony Humhpries, Soulclap, Mousse T, Sai & Ribatone, Eric Kupper, Stonebridge, DJ Meme, Mark Di Meo, Javi Bora and many more.
Atjazz has carved a huge name for himself globally with his distinctive quality musical output through his own record label Atjazz Record Company and through other labels including Yoruba Records, R2 Records, Lazy Days Recordings, Local Talk and Miso Records, among others.
US DJ, producer, remixer, vocalist and Sole Channel label boss Mr V has had many singles and collaborations on many high profile dance music labels. His music works and vocal talents have appeared on the likes Ultra records, Defected, Musical Freedom, Vega Records, Dopewax, Play It Down, Criminal Hype, Razor n Tape, Strictly Rhythm, Soma, Sessous, 8bit and many many more.

1 The Believe (Atjazz Remix)

2 The Believe (Atjazz Beats, Bass & Mr V Dub)

3 The Believe (Atjazz Remix Instrumental)

'Believe' (Atjazz Remix) will be released on December 1st 2017 on Grounded Records.


GPMCD183 VA Sessions - Selected Tracks Pt. 6 

We gladly present Part 6 of our ‚Sessions - Selected Tracks‘ series featuring tracks from artists on our popular YouTube series ‘Get Physical Sessions’. Artists like Robosonic, Jazzuelle, Santé, Ben Hoo, Djuma Soundsystem and our friends m.O.N.R.O.E. & Adisyn who were also in charge of mixing the compilation. Of course the package also features tracks played by our ‘Sessions’ artists. Among the selection are well-known tracks from Thor Rixon, Dapayk solo and T.M.A as well as a never before heard exclusive coming from m.O.N.R.O.E. & Adisyn.

Our reference number 057 is really special to the whole team at Be Adult Music. 
On one hand we are finally able to present the official release of "love is in the air" by DJ Ino and MC Johnny Def and on the other hand we are so excited to present to you some brand new remixes by two of our latest incorporations, Vincenzo and Phonique, two great masters of Deep House combined with the talented Decadance our latest be adult reference is complete.

Jojo Angel - Mine Is Yours EP

Jojo Angel returns to label duties with his 'Mine Is Yours' EP. Having had a string of releases on Relief, Resonance, Criminal Hype and Safe Music this year, Jojo Angel delivers his signature sound once again with two original groove driven tracks. Title track 'Mine Is Yours' is a simple but effective call to action, with smooth chords to open up the track and heavy female vocals to drive the track on. 'Tha Bit' is a thumping, rolling beat with punchy drums and tough bass that will keep you locked into the groove.

Patryk Molinari - Acid Lake

We are happy to present Patryk Molinari and his Acid Lake EP including hot remixes by Luna Ludmila and Smalltown Collective. Patryk was born near Berlin in the middle of the 80s and started early to develop a deep relationship to music. He has always felt very close to electronic music. But it was not before his 18th birthday that the passion grew so strong that he tried his own productions. In the beginning using LoFi equipment, he tried to transfer music of any kind into his very own productions. Back then he has been strongly influenced by the Big Beat scene in England and Vienna Scientists like Kruder & Dorfmeister. He tried out different styles until he discovered the house scene. He decided to get his own equipment and to share the music that he admires so much with others. Soon he developed an affection for Deep and French house. Bit by bit the minimalistic sounds hit him and he worked full of enthusiasm on his first minimalistic productions. His tracks are strongly influenced by the flourishing and always self reinventing Berlin nightlife. 

BEATPORT EXCL : 20.11.2017