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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Farbaromat - Revision

Concorde Club Recordings waste no time in returning to deliver another healthy dose of
Berliner house talent. Farbaromat are the culprits at hand this time and the Berlin based
duo are not shy to show how much they have grown since their debut EP.
"Arrested Souls" was released last year. 

Featuring four unique and eclectically diverse tracks, "Revision" is testament to the collaborative friendship Matthias and Norman have.
Title track "Revision" is full to the brim with funk and soul and would not be out of place at
any detroit afterhour party. Tidy hi-hat work and a grooving rhythm are entwined with rich vocal stabs to make this opening track fresh to death.
Making the next move is "Gallery", an industrial start is shuttled upwards by swirling synths
that pulse across the circuits. The deep and enduring bassline is impregnated by bold
vocals that antagonise and give character to this grinding affair.
The penultimate track "Streets" highlights the broad and eclectic taste of Farbaromat.
Stripped to the bare, this hypnotic track is brought to life with provocative vocals and gently layered 80's sample work.
Riding off into the sunset is closing track "Thank you". A melancholic start quickly gains
drive and purpose with high rising synth chords that skimmer across an encompassing
bassline. A soulful vocal sample puts the final touch to this well rounded EP.

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