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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sasch - Lazy Strings

Artist: Sasch
Title: Lazy Strings
Label: Steyoyoke
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Physical Release Date: 13.05.2013
Digital Release Date: 27.05.2013
Cat No: SYYK011
Genre: Deep House

After the success of his debut EP ʻBack and Forthʼ, Sasch returns with the much hyped and anticipated ʻLazy Strings. The EP features two new tracks from the artist and they are accompanied by two well crafted remixes from Soul Button and Mario Aureo.
A third bonus remix by Mario Aureo will also be available on digital release. The young Italian dj and producer is hungry to show that he has so much more to give. Title track "Lazy Strings" is a deep moving club anthem that leaves you yearning for the rush of the night. The enticing vocal sample is driven by a rumbling bassline and sent into orbit by shooting synths that rise and fall with such style and grace. Sasch doesnʼt let go until you have had enough.

The first remix of the EP comes from Steyoyokeʼs Soul Button. Taking a darker step with his remix of "Lazy Strings" and yet still maintaining that same drive and purpose from the original, Soul Button turns up the bass for maximum pleasure.
"Hearts and Minds" is a devilishly endearing track crafted with the purpose of sending you into ecstasy.
Climbing to reach the highest highs, though with steady patience, "Hearts and Minds" teases you with seductive sample work and a warming harmony. Having the last dance of the night is Mario Aureo's remix of "Hearts and Minds". Mario Aureo is uncompromising with his expertly balanced remix that just keeps giving. Rich with atmosphere, sharp synth work helps plummet the inescapable groove back into the insatiable and enduring bassline.

01. Sasch - Lazy Strings (Original Mix)
02. Sasch - Lazy Strings (Soul Button Remix)
03. Sasch - Hearts & Minds (Original Mix)
04. Sasch - Hearts & Minds (Mario Aureo Remix)
05. Sasch - Hearts & Minds (Mario Aureo Stripped Down Remix) [DIGITAL BONUS]

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