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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blurred - Just Money

Our next release, yet another label debut is by the Italian project BLURRED, who's members Raffaele Sonnessa and Vincenzo Scolllo come together with a sound that is quite innovative where the fusion of techno elements, and melodic harmonies meet seamlessly in their productions to produce what we can best describe as a Deep Melodic Techno with a dark micro house minimalistic twist.Their debut single 'Just Money' is consistent two cuts that share the same name as the release.  A Melodic Techno dub version which is Dark and Moody which showcases depth with its layered Harmonic and chord arrangement,. The Original Mix is has a more Deep House feel to it with its groove structure and more upbeat vibe.  
Cover Art: Liquid Designs
A&R: Liquid Inc (Shawn Rubens & Grumpy)

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