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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Takuya Kashiwada – Wear The God, Execute It Remixes EP Pt. 2

01 World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Extended DJ Mix)
02 World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Digital=Divine Remix)
03 World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Signal Deluxe Remix)
04 World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Syphon Remix)
05 Static Mutation (Extended DJ Mix)
06 Static Mutation (Roberto Figus Remix)
07 Static Mutation (AFCW Mox-B Remix)
08 Static Mutation (D-White Noise 7.17 Express Remix)

Parity returns to the well-received album Wear The God, Execute It by Japanese artist Takuya Kashiwada released last fall with a two-part spring time collection of remixes. The diversity of remixers makes each track unique, spanning a wide range of genres. Part. 2, also known as the Yellow EP, features Extended DJ mixes from Kashiwada of “World End Thoughts Will Come To An End” and “Static Mutation”. The remixers are an international selection including Japan’s Digital=Divine, Mexico’s Signal Deluxe, Sardinian Roberto Figus, Angela Flame & Case Woo of Singapore, and Australian D-White Noise.

World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Extended DJ Mix) – One of Wear The God’s strongest tracks gets an extended, DJ friendly intro for nice long builds and a great outro to ride this deep gem all night long.

World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Digital=Divine Remix) – Digital=Divine returns to Parity with a gorgeous dub techno remix of “World End Thoughts” that accentuates all of the original’s wonderful deepness.

World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Signal Deluxe Remix) – Signal Deluxe offer up a sensual midtempo groover that is both funky and chill.

World End Thoughts Will Come To An End (Syphon Remix) – Syphon once again colors outside the lines with a jarring Detroit electro remix that is both melodic and bass blasting with a very fresh, modern touch.

Static Mutation (Extended DJ Mix) – Kashiwada extends one of the album’s deepest tracks into a hypnotic five-and-a-half-minute groover.

Static Mutation (Roberto Figus Remix) – Italian Roberto Figus’s remix is bathed in a warm 808 sound that gives it a true tech-house feel.

Static Mutation (AFCW Mox-B Remix) – The Singapore duo AFCW’s (Angela Flame & case Woo) Mox-B Remix is a driving, main room take on the much deeper original. The luscious pads and rich melodies are there but the bottom end is a piston pumping machine.

Static Mutation (D-White Noise 7.17 Express Remix) – Aussie producer D-White Noise a strange, melody-filled adventure of remix that is both captivating and unusual.

Talented Japanese DJ and producer Takuya Kashiwada has been making tracks for over a decade and has established himself as an internationally recognized artist. His 2001 12" single,"Riot Instructions " from Complex UK was been played out by DJs all around the world, he has also had releases for Aspect and Asian Dynasty Records in that time period. Takuya also had a track on the Perfect Strangers compilation, which topped the Japanese iTunes sales charts for electronic music in 2006. His debut full length ”Wear The God, Execute It” was released in September 2012 for US techno label Parity Records.

In addition to his production savvy, Takuya promotes his long-running Hands party in both Tokyo and Singapore and as a DJ his outstanding mixing skills have allowed him to play at top clubs around the world.

His Youtube DJ clip has been seen by more than 10,000 people to date:

After years of hard work, the impending release of his debut album has poised for the big time success he rightfully deserves.

“Wear the god, execute it” Parity records, Digital, CD, 2012
“Perfect encounter” AsianDynasty records, Digital, 2007
“Perfect strangers / Electronic” AsianDynasty records, Digital, 2006
“Perfectstrangers / Hardtechno” Asian Dynasty records, Digital, 2006
“Riot instruction” Complex records, Analog , 2001
“Native” Aspect techno EP records, Analog ,1999 

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