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Monday, 11 August 2014

Braga Havaiana feat Telminha - Life Party

Nylon Trax newest addition comes from Angola/Lisbon-based duo Braga Havaiana, featuring the lovely Telminha. Turning in a gritty, new age production entitled Life Party, Nylon Trax’ newest addition, accompanied by a remix from Leandro P. and Jaymz Nylon, builds meticulously allowing careful space between beautiful messes of careening drums and dry crescendos.

Imbuing a distinctly softer sentiment, Leandro P. works his remix magic adding in keys and dreamy filters while Nylon, focusing on luscious strings and spacey layers of synths, adds in his trademark Afrotech style of percussion.

Written and Produced by: Braga Havaiana
Co-Written & Vocals: Telminha
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studio
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2014 Nylon Recordings
Nylon Trax websites: | |

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