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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pedro Costa - Tania EP

    High People

Multiple Recordings introduces fresh talent with Pedro Costa's first EP for the label. Pedro is a rising producer from Portugal who set out in the late noughties to perfect his DJ'ing and productions. Not cutting corners has lead to much professional success for him. With an output spread out across labels, Pedro has recorded and remixed for imprints like Plastik Galaxy, Cancun Records, and Crosstech Records. His Tania EP for Multiple Recordings features tight, percussive deep house with slightly 'tech' grooves. "High People" includes a spaced-out bass line, building pads, and vocals that capture the hazy club vibe so well. On "Tania", the drums and low end are more straightforward, leaving an undeniable impulse to dance. Once again ascending pads and murky vocals provide the track a nothing-but-the-basics feeling. These elements done right in Pedro Costa's hands make for a sonically satisfying single.

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