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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bordland - Phantom & Know It All

    Know It All

Bristol, UK, based label Dimentique is pleased to present the latest single from in-house DJ and artist Bordland, the double A-side of “Phantom” and “Know It All”. With five releases under the label’s belt from producers such as Koala, UFOS, and Wicked Habits, Dimentique certainly presents a Bristol-born sound, casually mixing up deep house, bass, garage, and nu-disco – sometimes within the same song. Bordland focuses more on the deep house side of the spectrum, and this single’s two tracks come from months of inspiration and preparation. “Phantom” seduces with its warm chord structure, emotive vocal phrases, and somewhat retro UK house appeal. “Know It All” follows, adding a touch of swing to Bordland’s sound while still inhabiting the deep zone. Melodic pads and echoed synths abound while the soulful samples add a slight garage flavor. These cuts are tuned to the dead of night, primed and ready for intimate dance floors surrounded by bass-heavy speakers.

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