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Monday, 29 September 2014

Dustin Nantais - Wicked Game EP

Dustin Nantais, a Toronto house scene veteran, begins his journey on Wulfpack Records with an impressive vocal slow burner entitled 'Wicked Game.' 'Wicked Game' is primed for early morning dance floors, as its sleeping beauty whirls away peak time aggression. The track shows off Dustin's cinematic side, as brooding vocals are neatly caressed by a bouncing bass line and ethereal synthesizer play. Clocking in at over seven minutes of blissful deep house, 'Wicked Game' is a hypnotic journey that is welcomed with open arms to the Wulfpack discography. The second track from the EP will see the sexy top line removed, leaving in its wake the minimal bass line and the intricate, Arabian-esque melody, lazily interweaving its way between the chugging bass groove.

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