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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Gianni Firmaio - One, Two, Three

Gianni Firmaio is one of our favorite artist in all ways. Amazing producer, outstanding individual and since his beginnings ,which we are proud to say was right here, Gianni has been one of the artist with an amazing evolution, growth and projection. It is for all these reasons why each and every time we have the opportunity to work with him we jump at the opportunity. On this occasion, we are exited to put together this release entitled ‘One, Two, Three’ for the great contributions Gianni’s has presented to the growth of this imprint.  The release shares the name with the original, which is a groover as Gianni is know to deliver.On remixing duties we bring you some of Gianni’s friends and peers that we have come to know and like what they are doing lately delivering cutting edge Tech House. Gaetano C, Arturo Silvestre (Italy) and Gon Munoz are the culprits responsable for the stellar renditions you will find in this release.

Mastering: Liquid Studios
Cover Art: Liquid Designs
A&R: Liquid MediaAquasound by Liquid

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