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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Depaart - Sleepover

Release date: 20/10/14

Summer is practically over, the clubs and DJs and producers alike are all gearing up for the beginning of another season. Depaart is no different, thinking ahead and honing in on their stylish sound they are ready to unleash their forthcoming EP “Downtown” from newcomer Sleepover.

The distinctive quality and elegance of production on this EP is typically not seen by many a young producers, this lends to Sleepover’s mature sound. Initially the title track Downtown chimes in with a swooning bass and some perky scattered percussion followed by a big kick and slick melodies on top of some funky drum patterns. The vocals enter and we are taken to a more vintage sounding house track. Second in line we have “Never Too Late” with its garage style breaks and pauses lending emphasis to a bass drivin’ track with a lot of personality. Finally closing out the EP we have “Gonna Be Lovely”, a four to the floor beat and hat so often heard but with a fresh and jazzy touch of soft organ chords and clean crisp female vocals the leave the listener feeling ready to stand up and make their way to the dance floor and shuffle.

An all around solid EP and production from the new guy Sleepover, so be sure to keep an eye out for more.

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