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Monday, 20 October 2014

Everyone But None - Earth & Wind

    Earth and Wind
    Everything Making Sense
    Earth and Wind (Rey Aguilar Remix)
    Just Dance
    Earth and Wind (Instrumental Mix)

Playa Del Carmen-based Everyone But None delivers the bodytalk label's third release with Earth and Wind, an EP featuring three original house music cuts. "Earth and Wind" kicks things off with a deep, sultry, and classic-sounding house melody and a mesmerizing break, perfect for a calm Sunday afternoon. "Everything Making Sense" takes a different direction with its sleazy bass line and ghostly desire-filled vocals -- a sure hit for the portion of the night best suited to slow-mo sounds. "Just Dance", the dirtiest of the three, comes loaded with a kick that will resonate through any sound-system and a tripped out vocal menacingly leaving no option but to do as the title commands. Finally, what would a release be without a little help from friends? Label honcho Rey Aguilar lends his seasoned technique to remixing "Earth and Wind". The Aguilar style is all over this one with energetic drums moving the track in a forward motion and a chugging peak time groove topped by piano stabs. The release reminds once again that the relatively young bodytalk label does not disappoint.

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