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Monday, 10 November 2014

Jonathan Jou - Azurbani

Jonathan Jou is back to our label with very nice dark groove in the same way we had him in the past. Born in Mexico City, his first contact whit electronic music groups such as Kraftwerk,Cabaret Voltaire,Front 242,Nitzer Ebb to name a few. He fall in love with electronic music after being introduced to it by his older brothers. Jonathan jou began collecting music buying his first vinyls in London , Hamburg , Holland and ofcourse in his town..
front an early age began playing at parties of friends but was until 1998 that started in a professional manner,entering the generes house , downgroove , progessive and techno...
Since its successful presentantations on the stage is Invited to play in different places...
In 2000 Jou is invited to play to Costarica under the name (Johnny). Resident of the Palace club (Mexico) in 2001 , after his first residence he gains position of the national scene , performing in many discotheques and events in all important cities of Mexico and D,F .
In 2009 he decides to move to Europe to feed his artistic and personal need of growth, to start a new life in Barcelona , It was there, in the catalan city , where Jou set up in the area of audio engineering program, but also became heavily involved in the city's nightlife...
He is known for its sets ranging from Electonica , Chicago House , Acid , Galactic house , Dark and Deep House at the front club between others,having the ability to swich from one style to another Repeatedly in a way imperceptible.
currently is working on his electronic music productions and in side projects such as Chromatik where venturing into different musical styles.

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