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Monday, 15 December 2014

Jonbjorn - All The Way

    All The Way
    All The Way (Junktion Remix)
    All The Way (Viktor Birgiss Remix)

The thing about colder climates is that they allow inhabitants a mass amount of time to stay indoors and work on quality music. "All The Way", the latest single on DeepWit Recordings, was birthed in Iceland and comes from Jonbjorn, one of the artists behind that country's stand out label, Lagaffe Tales. As a naturally talented producer with a knack for simple hooks that make repeat listens a must, Jonbjorn crafts an all-too-rare-these-days ear worm that leaves an insatiable hunger for more. "All The Way" is warm and skittery with a fat kick and equally heavyweight sub bass. Increasing the heat, the label follows it up with an inextinguishable rework by Junktion who delivers pure, one-man-disco-band fire. Between his label Outplay, various appearances on vinyl imprints, and an outstandingly deep sound, this Dutchman shows a massive amount of poise with a remix whose quality can't be over-exaggerated. To round out the single, Lagaffe Tales' other half, Viktor Birgiss, shapes the original into its most housey form yet with an addictive, dance-friendly and melodically moving piece of ice capped bliss. With this release, DeepWit has put its foot down on what the label thinks deep house should be, in pursuit of quality and unbothered by others' chase for trendier sounds.

Mastering - Deepsounds Mastering by Nikosf.
Graphic Designer - Tek Killa

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