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Monday, 5 January 2015

Romano Alfieri - Loving Once Again

We are pleased to present the first EP of our label, NOON RECORDS. To us, NOON is much more than our label, much more than our name. NOON is about life, about the cycles of life that happen every minute, every hour, every day. NOON is about our own lives, about your lives.

Our first EP is called LOVING ONCE AGAIN, which is the perfect name to describe our current circumstances, both personally and professionally.

The author of this fabulous track is ROMANO ALFIERI, an amazing person in whom we see ourselves reflected. He is the product of both talent and hard work. He is someone who loves music.
We are proud that he is representing us. He is also the newest member of our small family NOON artists, our management and bookings agency.
We can't think of a better way to welcome him than this.


We have asked GUTI (Desolat) to remix our first track because
HE is that organic part of the music that Frank and I come from. GUTI is Rock 'n' Roll, he's the most organic, most acoustic part of our genre. We love and admire him.

Reboot had to remix Romano's track, the first one from our label, because in the end HE is the soul of all this. All of the rest of us at NOON are part of the mechanism needed to make this all happen.
Reboot is the talent.

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