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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Drive - Dance To The Beat

    Dance To The Beat
    Dance To The Beat (Rotciv Remix)
    Dance To The Beat (Shake Machine Remix)

The London-via-Switzerland producer by the name of Drive is the talent behind this latest release on Discobox Records … it’s a feel-good throwback tune by the name of “Dance To The Beat”. With Prince and Chic noted as major influences, and a past performing and DJ’ing in hip hop bands, Drive knows a thing or two about laying down the funk in a dance floor fashion. “Dance To The Beat” features Drive’s live guitar, some boogie-inspiring vocals, and a solid, organic deep house rhythm all mixed together in a sleek production that recalls some of the best moments in late ’80s dance music.

Rotciv (Mister Mistery, Luv Shack) is another multi-national producer – this time Berlin-via-Brazil – and he’s on hand to deliver the first remix of “Dance To The Beat”. He switches out the vocals, drums, and bass line for a blindingly effective late night club rocker. It’s always party time at Rotciv’s house, no question about that. Rounding out the package is Discobox’s resident duo Shake Machine who construct a slinky concoction, only retaining the original vocal … though even that gets twisted a tad. Staccato synth pads, groovy rhythms, and a filtered bass line take this one directly into the space disco. These beats are tailor-made for dancing.

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