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Monday, 31 August 2015

Chris Forman Presents 'Reaching Out To The World' Part 1

    The Music (Soul4Real Dub)
    SomeBody Else Tonight

The Them On The Hill label is excited to welcome seasoned house music producer Chris Forman to their musical family. Based in New Jersey, Chris has a slew of classic releases on the likes of Bumpin City, Nite Grooves, Seasons Limited, and – as Steal Vybe with Damon Bennett – King Street and Vega Records. Reaching Out To The World is Chris’s Them On The Hill debut and is ‘Part 1’ in a promised continuing series. This double A-side single begins with “The Music (Soul4Real Dub)” which features gorgeous layers of instrumentation – including some particularly melodic piano lines – while a soulful voice pleads for us to “just let the track play.” No coaxing necessary … this one’s infectious enough to ride to the end. “SomeBody Else Tonight” follows with a beefier, old school flavor driven by a solid rhythm and bass track. The cut builds masterfully, and then a classic vocal sample makes an appearance giving this one a super-charged dose of dance floor fuel. Reaching Out To The World, Part 1 is here to thrill the die-hard heads and the deep house newcomers alike.

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