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Monday, 17 August 2015


NOON means midday, the time when the sun is at its highest each day, even if we cannot see it.
It is the moment of greatest light, where one cycle ends and another begins. It is the end of the day and the beginning of the night. It is that brightest moment that always leads us to the darkest one, and vice versa.

DEVILS IN THE CLOUDS it is the main track of our 5th EP.  The amazing way to mix choral elements with electronics made us in. This track moves you to the heaven, even if you listen it at a dance floor. That’s why we’ve called it Devils in the clouds. We know you know that feeling

We are very proud of their exquisite fusion of the organic and the technological sides of the music. We love that.
The first listen leaved us with a huge smile on the lips and a thought:
Music does something for good, the rest almost nothing.

DOUBLE REALITY is a trip, we invite you to raise the volume, close your eyes and just enjoy it.

HATE THE GAME NOT THE PLAYA is an extra (digital) that we had to edit it to show the awesome versatility of Fausto as a producer.


FAUSTO MESSINA has transferred all his DJ skills in a fantastic way to the studio. Fausto is an old known as a producer for his "Compulsive Disorder" which was strongly supported  by Sven Väth and included it in one of his compilations.
Fausto has released on labels such as Dynamic, Wir, Big City Beats, Suara and International Freakshow among others.
We are happy to welcome him to NOON Records with this beautiful EP.


LEON was our first choice for remix the main track of this EP.  We wanted a club version from the beginning. LEON has become a huge and well-deserved reputation one at the industry in just six years. He has published in numerous labels and his sets at festivals such as Music On ones are essential into what it's happens now at the scene
We ask him for a Club version and he made this wonderful rebuild and send us all to the dance floor.

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