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Monday, 24 August 2015

Leo Chonkan - Bajo Suelto

Leo is a Costa Rican based music enthusiast and beat maker. He’s always had a passion for music, math and all things beautiful in that way. While studying abroad in 2008 he became acquainted with the sounds of Hip Hop and IDM and this experience lead to his first experiments with DAWs, although true inspiration was still on its way.

Little did he know that at the same time people were playing and making amazing house music back in Costa Rica, and that this was the kind of music and that would eventually prompt him to take a very deep interest in music making. It took some time before he really started liking his own sound and sharing it with people, but thanks to a very supportive group of friends in 2013 he finally decided to finish some tracks and make them available for everyone to listen.

His influences today are varied and he has hard time labeling his own tracks but techno and house are often present in his new productions.

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