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Monday, 3 August 2015

P. Lopez AQ & Matias Espinola - Hold Back EP

P.Lopez (Aeon / Dogmatik) is back on Silence In Metropolis and this time he brings his friends Alex AQ (Maktub Music / Evasive Records) & Matias Espinola (Aeon) along for the ride.

This three track EP has summertime smoothness written all over it.  The first track “Hold Back” is a pool-side anthem that takes Marvin Gaye’s legendary vocal stabs and layers them on top of a thick drum pattern and deep pads that sets a super sexy mood.  The arpeggiated synth that comes in at the break sends chills up your spine and the pads that follow caress you like a long lost lover returning.

If “Hold Back” is a seductive embrace then “Call Again” is a full blown love affair.  The beat is reminiscent of 90’s Freestyle but the synth work on this track has a sophistication of its own.  The breaks and buildups are spot on and will elevate any dancefloor.

The final track “Deep Enough” has that driving dancefloor grime with lots of authority. The male vocals “You know why I can’t be a rapper old man, cause my voice aint deep enough” along with the percussive groove and deep pulsating bassline demand a late summer night dancefloor.
There you have it.  A solid package from one of our favorite SIM artist / crew.  Don’t sit on this.

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