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Monday, 28 September 2015

Jaytor - Lonely Nights

Jaytor strikes again. This is part two of Jaytor’s little trilogy on Emerald & Doreen. With „Lonely Nights“ the talented producer from Greece creates a late summer anthem, that will keep your feet busy.
Don’t get deceived by its name – this track just sends one bright beam of positive vibes through the night and won’t you make feel lonely at all.
Additionally to the title track there is “You can’t hold me”, a more subdued deep house track that seduces with smooth, female vocals and a laid back house groove.
As always there’s an abundance of beautiful remixes to celebrate the original tracks. Music craftsman and E&D regular Dalo blends his unique electronica elements with house while Soulshade keeps it cool and atmospheric. Jeton Gjidoda & Lee who first appeared on E&D with their debut release in 2014 transform “Lonely Nights” into a mysterious minimal tech piece. Zisis D alike is exploring the calmer sides of the original, creating a relaxed, hypnotic deep house version for the quieter moments of the night.
Lorenzo Ciampa goes classic house with a smart, Frankie Knuckles inspired funk mix. The mirror ball award for the grooviest interpretation on this release goes to Raffaello Bonaga for his disco house stomper, shedding out an enormous dose of propulsive energy that should keep your dance floor happy.

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