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Monday, 7 September 2015

Randomized Coffee - Estrella

After the incredible success of ‘Agboho’, first place of Traxsource Afro House Top 100 for several weeks, Randomized Coffee are back on Sunclock with another great release full of latin flavour, live bassline and great musical concept: ‘Estrella’. This package will be released with special remixes by Cristian Vinci, a young sicilian producer, and Mephia, the well know artist that give a particular touch to the release.

‘Cristian Vinci Remix’ start with a strong deep groove and a sloppy bassline much interesting and refined. Amazing jazzy trumpet, choir, and strong afro vibes, extremely percussive and explosive. Samba piano melodies characterize the entire track until the end.

‘Deep Mix’ has an imponent groove with cool ayet and delay effect on the choir creating a particular atmpsohere all over the dancefloor. Same impressive trumpet over. Interesting middle break with an rounding elettro synth crescendo that will slam your dancefloor.

‘Mephia Sun-Chill Mix’ is a Chill Out track extremely refined. Live bass played in great style, piano melodies, marvellous trumpet solo. Another level of Music, an original concept that will find a place in your dj set.

‘Main Mix’ has a classic Afro House imprint. With a live bassline and funky guitars that immediately bring you in the middle of the musical message. Tribal flavour all over the track. 

Traxsource Release: 29th October 2015
Worldwide Release: 26th November 2015

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