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Monday, 26 October 2015

David Durango - Lumina EP

The ninth chapter. With the Lumina EP, David Durango showcases his ability to deliver masterful and unique sonic creations precision crafted for the dancefloor.

With a passion and dedication to electronic music that began in the early nineties, David Durango's career has flourished year by year with a catalogue of releases on the likes of Poker Flat, Soulfooled and now Chapter 24. He welcomes Swiss/Chilean Producer, DJ and Mina Records boss Masaya and up-and-coming artist Christopher Ivor on the remix to round off a stunning EP.

Title track Lumina is a huge angular cut, a slinky rolling groove interspersed by acid licks giving way to a killer, hypnotic arpeggio on a bed of dreamy voices.

David follows up with Basiq Talking, a wonky soulful affair which is no less hypnotic. Complex, layered and drifting, this one will have you hooked.

Masaya takes things forward with her Esperanza Edition, placing the emphasis on Basiq Talking’s soft, sensual vocal and turning in a groovy, minimal and futuristic remix.

The final original piece on the EP is Demencia, an insanely hooky techno number that ratchets things up with layer upon layer of tension.

The EP closes with Christopher Ivor’s Edition of Demencia, in which the Einmusika artist recasts the track in house form, replete with percussive, funky loops and an epic, emotional breakdown.

Chapter 24 continues its upward path with an EP full of artistry and in which David Durango’s skill, experience and passion shines. The story continues.

Released on 20th November 2015.

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