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Monday, 12 October 2015

Ekstendia - Gray Undertones

As the world is turning so fast that it neither hears, nor sees itself, it's time to stop and to immerse yourself into the depths of the dub techno sound. The new Ekstendia EP will help you with that, kicking things off with the original mix of "Goodbye Kimmy" - a composition enhanced by atmospheric sweeps and a female voice, wishing you a pleasant flight. "Gray Undertones" follows in the footsteps of dub techno legends, with its predominantly cold mechanical sound.

Alex Okrazo's interpretation of "Goodbye Kimmy" focuses on a deeper sound, crossing the intersection between deep house and dub techno. Up next, Fulvio Ruffert’s remix of "Gray Undertones" with its hypnotic vibe and penetrating bassline. Finally, Alex Okrazo of Ukraine, rounds off the EP with his remix of "Gray Undertones". Stamped with the artist’s signature style, the track has been transformed into a different cryptic species.

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