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Monday, 12 October 2015

Greg Gauthier - You’ve Done Me Wrong

Traxsource Release: 26th November 2015
Worldwide Release: 24th December 2015

Next Sunclock release has Greg Gauthier sign. He is one of the most important parisian dj/producer nowadays, resident from 2004 at the legendary Djoon Club.
'You've Done Me Wrong' is a classic but fresh Deep House track, extremely refined, and with a huge remix by Sebb Junior, the well know french artist based in Granada (Spain).

'Sebb Junior Remix' has a gummy groove with an incredible bassline. The first break put the right gear to dance the track until the end. The second one is more interesting, with different piano melodies, synth, delay... all perfectly fused in a combination that the dancefloor will not forget.

'Original Mix' has a solid groove and bassline structure. The version preserve some classic imprint with a warm pad and impact synth melody. The rounding vocal choir build a very underground flavour. Intersting break.

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