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Monday, 26 October 2015

Hoots VA - Volume 5 EP

Cahoots Volume 5 presents tracks that firmly stand their own ground. From the deeper A-side offerings of Definition & Def:Play and We Are Mam, to the burly B-side beats of Ruff Stuff and Jus Nowhere, Volume 5 casts a wider net, capturing new artists that embody the pioneering spirit of house music.

Z├╝rich’s Definition & Def:Play collaborate as producers and label chiefs, running their imprint Definition:Music, with a catalog of excellent talent and releases including their own productions. Layering dubby percussion with melodic chords and rich, atmospheric pads, their track “Synthesizer On My Knees”, is a deep venture for the duo and continues to stretch the scope of the Cahoots sound.

“Music is the Message” by We Are Mam brings an old school flavor that will keep heads nodding from start to finish. Living in Tuscany with an eye towards Chicago, Marco Celeri, under the moniker We Are Mam, brings his version of jack to Cahoots with right and tight percussion against filtered keys, string stabs and sampled vocals. Chock full of classic sounds, Marco’s inspired productions can be found on labels such as Back to You and Legendary Sound Research. Additionally, Marco operates his label Roots Underground Records, releasing underground cuts heavily influenced by the old school.

Flipping the script on the B-side is “Grooveat” by Ruff Stuff with a stomping beat, warehouse vibe, and a magnetic vocal that bring grit with a touch of soul to the dancefloor. A collaboration between Francois Le Roy and Nanni, the Ruff Stuff sound sits at the intersection of House, Techno & Garage, with a lookout towards the new school sounds of today. Milan-based Ruff Stuff has quality releases on Layers Label, Kolour Recordings, Release London, Street King and have recently launched their vinyl label, Ruff Stuff Music Ltd.

Closing out Volume 5 is “Shoot Back” by Jus Nowhere. Hailing from Washington D.C., Jus Nowhere is the first Cahoots artists to represent the U.S.A. His range of styles and sounds can be found on labels such as Silence In Metropolis, Definition:Music, Four Fingers Hand and White Widow Records. “Shoot Back” consists of tight percussion, wobbly synths, clipped vocal samples and some heavy bass that will drive any room insane. A regular in the D.C. scene, Jus Nowhere is also part of ‘Rush Plus’, a techno focused moniker with partner in crime, Jackson Ryland.

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