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Monday, 12 October 2015

Jacoby & Lindrum - REchant

A dark and windy October evening in 2014, a charity event was throwing to support the group ‘Girlfriend to Girlfriend’ at the Opera, Christiania. The audience consisted of the support group members, tourists, drunks - and composer and DJ Al Lindrum and his friends. Al showed up to support and to have a nice evening.

The well established singer/songwriter and guitarist Aske Jacoby played songs from his latest album, Chant. The audience asked for an encore. He choose instinctively the title song from his latest album - 'Chant.'

Al had not given much attention to Aske’s appearance, but when Aske played the title song 'Chant' the second time around. The song moved Al and an idea began developing - producing a dance version of 'Chant!'

After the show Al talked with Aske and presented his idea. Aske had struggled with a similar idea and was ready to grab the opportunity immediately. A few weeks later they met in Al's studio and started recording. Al continued the work on his own and suddenly they stood with three different versions of the song, which is now called 'REchant.'
Aske Jacoby / Al Lindrum project was born and new adventure could begin...

Kenneth Bager - Music For Dreams' mythological producer and labelboss, heard the track and was impressed. Contracts signed. The end result a modern bluesy uptempo record is ready to take on radio, beaches and dancefloors listen here.

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