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Monday, 5 October 2015

Vexus T - Saviour EP

“I don’t claim to be the creator, but I’m a saviour. And I take the strange variables of human life, and make something out of the crazy quilt, that saves hundreds of lives.” These vocals from a sermon of the notorious mass murderer Jim Jones layered on top of a rolling bassline, effortless drum programming and a moody vibe makes “Saviour” a deep and dark start into an excursion that is this EP from vexuS T (King Street / Sonora Records) from Italy.  The cereberal trip continues with “I’m Wrong With You”.  This second track is also full of emotion with perfect placement of pads and piano and a male vocal that whispers “You should’ve told me before that I am what’s wrong with you”.

On remix duties we start with Liam Geddes (Music Is Love / Borg LTD) who brings a minimal take on “Saviour” with a dash of Acid thrown in.. the combination is a subtle yet hard hitting track.  DC based Rush Plus, which is a new project from SIM crew members Jackson Ryland & Jus Nowhere, deliver the second remix which is a thumping Techno Dub of “I’m Wrong With You” that will be very comfortable at your favorite dancefloor in Berlin et al.

As always we pride ourselves in finding talent that deserves a good look and so vexuS T is one that should be on your radar.  The dark themed vocals atop a danceable groove will really make for a deeper than usual trip at the club.  Use these tracks wisely. “

Expected Release Date : Oct 9th 2015

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