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Monday, 9 November 2015

Abicah Soul - 7 Years Later Ep

Traxsource Release: 10th December 2015
Worldwide Release: 7th January 2016

Abicah Soul is back on Sunclock. This time with an underground Deep House Ep that really sounds good on clubs. ‘7 Years Later Ep’ is the title of this package composed by 2 solid tracks that will make difference on dancefloor.

‘7 Years Later’ is solid, straight, with powerful groove and aggressive bassline. The track is a continuous crescendo of groove variations, claps and a main synth melody that round and round very well on dancefloor. Dangerous mine.

‘Tranquility’ has a more sick and hypnotic imprint. The groove is always solid and good for big dance floors, the particular synth perfectly tie with pad note for the entire track all connected with a massive bassline. Hot stuff that will shake your dancefloor.

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