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Monday, 30 November 2015

Achickwitbeatz - Come Around EP

It’s an honor to present the inspirational tune 'Come Around' by the amazingly talented Music Producer and Singer-Songwriter Achickwitbeatz. 'Come Around' was born out of one of her many beat making sessions where she would actually set out to make an R&B instrumental and after laying down the prominent synth sound Achickwitbeatz immediately felt that there was an underlying house vibe. From that point Achickwitbeatz put the drums down and built the rest from there. Written from the viewpoint of the seductress 'Come Around' feels flirtatious. Achickwitbeatz says, “that she envisioned a character enticing her object of affection to completely surrender to her whims. Achickwitbeatz also thought it would be fun if the vocal was slightly distorted as if the conversation was taking place over the phone allowing the listeners to feel as if they were on the receiving end of her seductive pursuit.
Just when you thought the “Come Around” release could not possibly be even more amazing we have also included the feel good Remix Dub by the supreme team of Nigel One and Joel Oliver Dub version.

(Original Mix)Written and produced by C. Jordan
Nigel One, Joel Oliver Dub Mix) written by C. Jordan remixed and produced by P. Geiger and J. Crookston

Original Mix mastered by Achickwitbeatz and additional mastering by Jaymz Nylon
Remix mastered by Jaymz Nylon
Executive Producer Nigel “One” Geiger

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