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Monday, 30 November 2015

Dj Vivona - Drink In My Cup

Remembering the Sunclock debut release 'Drink In My Cup' by Dj Vivona featuring Ricardo Dyson. Sunclock repeats it with new slamming remixes by Oral Deep aka Thato "Cula" Tlhaku and Thapelo "Legae" Nkoane, a south african duo that worked with Monocles & Slezz, and released music on Tribe Records and Soul Candi. The package expect also solid remixes by Rocco.

‘Oral Deep Remix’ has an afro deep imprint with percussive beat and hot pad melodies and an extremely warm bassline. Their structure is perfectly fused with the well know vocals. The marimba melodies are extremely refined fused with archs notes crescendo. Great break on second part of the song.

‘Rocco Deep Dub Remix’ is an imposing earthquake from the first beat. Solid groove, elettro synth melody and bad mood on it. Insane breaks… a killerfloor!

‘Main Mix’ has a straight and effective groove with a sloppy bassline, amazing synths melodies perfect for a travel mind, creating a stylish atmosphere that the dancefloor will appreciate for sure.

‘Dark Mix’ start with an hypnotic intro with acid and disturbing bassline. The track has a dry groove with aggressive synth that add energy to the entire track. Repetitive and unceasing. Sick stuff.

Traxsource Release: 17th December 2015
Worldwide Release: 24th December 2015

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