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Monday, 5 December 2016

Mannix feat Lisa Shaw - So Much Time

Vienna's Mannix makes a welcome return to the Favouritizm stable, this time enlisting the divine and unmistakable vocal talents of Lisa Shaw on their stunning new collaboration 'So Much Time'. Mannix cooks up a lush bubbling, deep groove with airy synth washes and pretty sweeping strings drizzled throughout, providing the perfect soundtrack for Lisa to enchant us with her dreamy, heartfelt vocals.
"Lisa Shaw has always been a singerI wanted to work with. She has a very unique, strong voice and many of her songs are memorable and emotional. That's why I'm very happy that this project became reality. Production wise the release also underlines my movement towards more deeper, but still soulful sounds which fits the whole song very well!" - Mannix
Mannix has been one of Vienna’s pioneers for good house music alongside Austrian legends Alfi Budin, Lorenzo Al Dino, Peter Pan since he first started DJing in the early 90's.. After many years working in music retail with Virgin, in 1999 he formed Whipped Creem together with DJ Krismas and DJ Wax to move to the next level. From this time on Mannix went on to be a producer, promoter and music journalist (DJ Magazine, Tilllate Magazine) and had released tracks on AM:PM, Go Beat, Generate Music, Soundmen On Wax, Polydor and V2. Later, Mannix and Wax formed a new project Double Jackpot, which stood for unique funky house music in its production and DJing guises. Together WaX and Mannix run the successful radio show 'Crystal Radio' on  98.3 Superfly FM.  From 2012 Mannix started working on solo material under his own name, alongside long time studio mate, Albert Koler.  His notable release in recent times include 'Standing Right Here' ft Dina Vass (Favouritizm), 'Niki’s Smile' (Lapsus Music), 'Earth Shake' (Good For You), 'Stronger Than You Think You Are' with Arnold Jarvis (Solid Ground), among many. Mannix's remixes have also graced labels such as Mjuzieek Digital, Double Cheese, Soul Deluxe and Rejoyce Records to name a few.
Warm, velvety and sultry are but a few choice words that accurately describe the voice of singer/songwriter & Neo-soul diva, Lisa Shaw. With a solid career spanning nearly two decades, this Toronto native has seen 2 full-length solo albums on Naked Music / Astralwerks and Salted Music as well as dozens of featured-artist singles the with some of the best producers in the genre, enchanting listeners across the globe at all hours of the day and night. In 1995 she released her first single written by DJ Smash, 'Makin’ Love Makin’ Music', on New Breed Records, then in 2003 Naked/Astralwerks released her debut solo album 'Cherry', followed by her 'Free' album on Miguel Migs' Salted Music label in 2009.  Over the years Lisa has collaborated with some of the best producers in the biz including Jay Denes, Dave Boonshoft, and Bruno Ybarra (Naked Music), Fred Everything, Scuba, Miguel Migs, King Britt and Q-Burns the Abstract Message, Ethan White RIP (Tortured Soul), Lars, Harley & Muscle,The Lovebirds , Scott Hardkiss (RIP), Andy Caldwell, Hideo Kobayashi, and ATFC and more. Presently, Lisa tours solo as well as with dj/ producer Miguel Migs at many of their massive Salted events all over the USA.

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