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Monday, 19 December 2016

Paul Moore (GER) - Radiant EP

As easy as 1-2-3, Hannover based producer Paul Moore slips into the Lucidflow catalogue with the Radiant EP. Having worked the party scene for a good number of years, his breakthrough starting to come midway through 2013. Since then, feedback and support has come in from artists as diverse as deep tastemaker Maya Jane Coles, right up to the thunderous main room tormentor of Marco Carola. 
Paul's forte lies in deep grooving house and techno with extremely precise programming. Take lead track 'Larry' for example; it does a lot with a little. The rubbery bassline groove is embellished with a variety of accents that have been placed with the manner of a Michelin starred chef plating at the pass. Every drop and added nuance drives the groove further without needless flamboyancy. 
Title track 'Radiant' works a broken and jazzy groove for its first half, letting cavernous dub stabs and fx peal out over the mix. Then, at the midway point, an excitable kick drops into the track. Unwilling to be tethered to a simple 4/4 thump, it skips and jumps around the metronome. 
After a pair of dark entrees, 'Sunday Delight' opens up to a bit of melody. Multi-textural chords and notes play high in the mix, while a deep introspective spoken word vocal takes the stage at key moments. 
'Variant Ways' touches on all of the previous motifs demonstrated so far; live flecked drums that drop away from the four to the floor, resonate spoken word sections and a deep bassline led groove. 
Finally, 'The Stereo' errs on the micro house side of the spectrum, those little mini flourishes that find the space between the beats, and then find further space still to exist in. It's that which keeps the heart beating perkily as the warm jazz edged groove plays out. 

Paul Moore hits the digital stands on 23rd January 2017.

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