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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Chris Wayfarer - Equinox EP

Artist: Chris Wayfarer
Title: Equinox EP
Remix by: ARBG
Cat #: CIM023

Colour In Music take us on a deep & jazzy trip with Chris Wayfarer (BugCoder / Da Way) and his Summer Sun EP. 

The title track pens between an almost glitchy percussion frenzy and soothing Rhodes and pan flute melodies, underlaid with a mighty sub bass. Still it maintains a light and soothingly spirited feel. 

The ARBG (Sit Down / Oblack Label) remix is a much more reduced but arguably even deeper affair, borrowing the light chords and a few instrumental touches from the original. The punchy drums and rolling bassline make this remix a sure shot for the dancefloor.

On 'Equinox', Chris Wayfarer takes us on a dubbed out journey somewhere between Reggae and House, where funky stabs and vocal bits meet a heavily saturated 4tothefloor groove. 

Artwork: El Ciganito
Videos: Enzo Avanzato
Content Writer: Samuel Fedy
Masterings by Pristine Creations Studios

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