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Monday, 6 February 2017

VA - Sonic Sounds Vol. 4

We are proud to present the next in the compilation series with Sonic Sounds Vol. 4 featuring four hot original mixes from Deep Active Sound, Alexander Saykov & La Rose, Campaner and Gurhan.

The compilation kicks off with a super deep track from veteran deep house producers Alexander Saykov & La Rose called 'Old Fashion'. The track is sumptuous and sensual featuring beautiful stabs, and pads creating a large ambient deep house cut. Spacious and deep, this track will please all connoisseurs of the deep house genre.

Next up is a slightly more driving track from the well-established deep house producer Deep Active Sound with 'Speedway'. In traditional Deep Active Sound style, the track features a driving bassline, tripped out percussion, chopped vocals, and large super deep filter stabs. As always Deep Active Sound does not disappoint and the production is top notch with details certain to please anyone with a discerning ear.

The third track in the pack is from Turkish deep house producer Gurhan. With great releases on labels such as DeepClass Records and Itom Records, Gurhan is doing a wonderful job of contributing top quality production to the underground deep house scene. This track is no exception, and with its expansive house chords, vast percussions, beautiful vocals and progressive melody, will get you grooving.

The fourth and final cut on this compilation comes from a collaboration between Spanish artists Campaner and Gaol. 'Pink Box' is a carefully crafted tune with a pumping beat and bassline great for bringing the energy level up a notch on the dance floor. Halfway through the track, super trippy chords make a welcome appearance alongside chopped vocals bringing the track to a crescendo of deepness.

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