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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tamandua Twist - Jabuticaba 3.0

Artist: Tamandua Twist
Title: Jabuticaba 3.0
Remixes by: Moti Brothers | Deephope | ZaVen

Release Date: 
April 4th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
April 18th 2017 (Worldwide)

Release Info:

Tamandua Twist is back to deliver our 167th release 'Jabuticaba 3.0' which was his debut track released on our Miami WMC Sampler in 2014.

Played & supported by Spech, Da Funk, Alvaro Hylander, Matt Prehn, Kiano & Below Bangkok, Deep Active Sound and Richie Hartness to name but a few, the Original Mix is a timeless piece of work that has Tamandua Twist's signature all over it. A Funked-up bassline beneath a groovy structure, a crispy clean high end with an unmistakable old school dancefloor vibe.

On remix duties, we've invited Moti Brothers, Deephope and ZaVen who deliver their reinterpretations with style & finesse.

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