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Monday, 1 May 2017

Ben Hoo - Reaching EP

Ben Hoo returns to Get Physical this summer with a fresh new EP, ‘Reaching’ including an Enzo Leep Remix. First let’s talk about the title track. Ben sets up the emotional journey with plenty of percussive nuances and details, already giving it that unique feel we have come to love from Ben. The track lives in low energy territory, late evenings and early mornings – magic hour. Enzo Leep however, builds bit more drive under the hood, creating a tech-house journey with a heavier punch. The Spanish producer keeps the original vibe while pushing the limits a bit further. The final track of the release is Ben’s own Dub mix. Here, Ben has stripped the light piano, giving the track a more tense atmosphere and suspense. We’re very excited to see what Ben will do at the reigns of the next Get Physical Ibiza compilation, coming soon! 

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