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Monday, 29 May 2017

Hummingbird - Rain EP

A classically trained musician since age four, Hummingbird can't recall life without rhythm and melody. Starting with violin, and followed closely by piano, drums and clarinet, she began composing classical music at age 10 and performed regularly for years, notably with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra and in Disneyland with one of the country’s top youth jazz ensembles. 

Throughout college and adult life, she kept close watch over the evolving scenes of favorite genres. Then a chance introduction to Ableton flipped a switch that forever changed her interaction with music. Inspired to her core, she set about recharting her path and reigniting creative ambitions, leaving corporate success behind in favor of a purpose-driven life. 

Her philosophy: “It’s up to each of us to determine what our gift to the world will be; to answer that infamous existential question of, ‘Why am I here?’ If we’re lucky enough to figure it out, we must work to bring this vision to life with every ounce of our being, all the while remaining willing to stare fear in the face because going against the grain can be scary as hell. But once you know what you want to create and ultimately leave behind, there’s no choice but to just go for it.” 

We are extremely proud to welcoming her into fold in this her official debut, a release that include three of her latest production accompanied by friend Alex Cataneda 

DEMO Submission: 

Mastering Service performed by 
pureSONIKA by Liquid Media 

Cover Art by 
Liquid Designs by Liquid Media 

A&R: Liquid Media 

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Released June 5, 2017 on Deep

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