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Monday, 1 May 2017

Mastercris - Mellow Magic

It is with immense pleasure that we present you with our next release, a banging deep house cut from renowned artist 'Mastercris' along with three top class remixes from Tamandua Twist, Inspector Macbet and Magitman.

The original 'Mellow Magic' is a classic deep house cut with piano melodies, jazzy chords, beautiful ambience and a funky live bassline. It's got all the perfect elements for a warmup track with blues and jazz influences with a nod to the past.

The Tamandua Twist remix keeps a funky bassline and vibe, but adds a cheeky acid line spicing up his remix. Plenty of extra snare hits and percussion combine to create a powerful tripped out deep house track great for warm up sets or later in the night.

Inspector Macbet provides us with the third remix in this release. His remix stays true to the original with a similar bassline and overall vibe. His remix is slightly more upbeat and unique enough to provide something different for people wanting a slightly more driving version.

Finally, we are proud to include a remix from a new comer to the label, 'Magitman'. His remix is a beautiful lush take on the original. Using a new bassline and chords, it is perhaps the most sentimental of the cuts on this release.

I am personally very excited for this release, and hope you guys enjoy it! As always please support if you enjoy it, but leaving positive feebback, including on mixes and including on charts if possible.

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