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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Vridian Music - Nineteenth Floor EP

VridianMusic is the shared moniker of Vir Rattan Chowdhry & Siddhant Jain. With a hybrid approach, this initiative intends to offer a musical experience that blends the known, to fuel the unknown. Influenced heavily by alternative, deep and underground related music genres, any Vridian dancefloor / sonic experience is an assured story.

Touching into various styles such as Electronica, Deep House, Techno and Tech House, music that keeps a groove consistent in a plethora of atmospheres and a variation of rhythms. With a quest for all things eclectic, VridianMusic intends to be a well rounded establishment for intelligent and emotive electronic music (not limited to dance music).

The project has become a part of Vancouver's renowned Gorgomish after hours family and 2017 will also see the duo release original music on a variety of platforms. Having one foot in India and the other in Western Canada, has exposed this duo to a wide selection of influences, inspiration and experience. In addition to a hybrid approach, VridianMusic delivers in a versatile and celebratory fashion, whether it be the opening, closing or the after hours.

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