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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

This week's New Entries

After remixing for Ackermann and Pola-Riot with support from all the Traktor clique and even internationals like Richy Ahmed, new kid on the block Ivo drops his first solo EP.
These 4 supreme organic deep house tracks full of wonky b-lines, hints of acid and breakbeat and all sorts of groove wizardry give a perfect taste of what’s to expect from him next. Saying that, we already heard his forthcoming first single and it’s huge.

Release date: August 1st 2017 

Format: Digital 


We are back with a great single from non other than Deep Active Sound. Mikhail has been producing amazing deep house for many years and has been released on great labels such as Ready Mic Records, Street King, DeepClass Records and many more.

His single 'It's Underground' is a deep and groovy cut with a hypnotic bassline, trippy sound effects, driving stabs and funky vocal cuts. Simple yet sublime and effective, the track stands out and screams quality and is sure to get anyone moving on the dance floor.

Label manager Rishi K. chimes in with the first remix. While remaining true to the original, his version has a bouncier bassline, and as usual incorporates spacey melodic elements. He also incorporates big stabs and guitar loops giving his remix a unique vibe.

The third remix on this release is from French producer Campaner. His version is decidedly more driving than the first two with a rolling bassline and energetic percussion.
Beautifully constructed sound effects and build ups, as well as a touch of his signature acid bass sounds combine to create a truly epic peak time remix.

The final remix is a collaboration between Spring Reason and Below Bangkok. Their remix is more delicate and deep than the others creating a beautiful atmospheric vibe
perfect for warm up sets.


Marcus Raute & Eastern Resident return to Colour In Music for the tasty Vento EP, consisting of four tracks that represent the deep soul of CIM.

'Vento' is a crackly house jam that is blissfully minimalistic, with a shuffling groove crafted around chords and synths that take us right back to 90s to Jersey.

Pysh are having a totally fresh take on 'Vento', turning the stripped back shuffler into a playful, almost jazzy Henrik Schwarz-esque 8 minute burner, packed with quirky stabs and eerie melodies.

'Slooh', the other original track by Marcus Raute & Eastern Resident, is a similarly deep affair. Albeit moody and dark, the track is packed with dense drum programming, making it a dancefloor weapon.

'Slooh' also gets the remix treatment, this time by Raconteur, who turns the whole track into a laidback and extremely dense groover that keeps surprising with moody key melodies, trippy synth arps and a lovely second break.

Artwork: El Ciganito
Videos: Enzo Avanzato
Content Writer: Samuel Fedy
Mastering by Pristine Creations Studios


Release Date: 
July 24th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
August 7th 2017 (Worldwide)

For our 170th release, label founder BiG AL takes center stage with his new track ‘NYC’. Ever the master of the subtle deep house groove, BiG AL’s mid-tempo Original Mix creates a compelling atmosphere with hypnotic synths and ethereal vocal snippets laid over a rock-solid rhythm & groove track. 

A regular fixture at legendary Berlin venues such as Panorama Bar, Watergate and Tresor and on labels such as Mobilee, Cyclic, 8Bit and soon Poker Flat, Markus Homm should need no introduction to connoisseurs of underground dance music. His remix raises the tempo and heads into tech house territory, before introducing powerful piano chords during a truly spine-tingling breakdown.

Completing our trio of mixes, Ready Mix veteran Sezer Uysal turns in a special deep house mix under his Spennu alias. Balearic sunset touches supplied by muted guitars and expansive pads characterize Spennu’s rework, but don’t be fooled; this remix has more than enough weight to move a dancefloor.

Created by an international group of production talents and lovingly mastered by the brilliant Fabien Kamb at Standpoint Mastering in Los Angeles, ‘NYC’ seems a most appropriate tribute to that most cosmopolitan of cities.












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