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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

This week's New Entries

DSM - Rapture EP

Release Date: 
September 18th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive) 
October 2nd 2017 (Worldwide)

Release Info:

The 173rd release on Ready Mix comes from young Iranian producer DSM. Having appeared on our label twice before, remixing Helios Fort and supplying an original track ‘Adventure’ for our 2016 ADE Sampler, DSM now takes center stage with an EP entitled ‘Rapture’. 

The EP’s title track ‘Rapture’ opens with cinematic synths and builds gradually into a swirling, atmospheric deep house cut, punctuated with fragments of melody, like a half-remembered dream. ‘Adventure’ slows the tempo a little and sets up a compelling and hypnotic groove, utterly beautiful in its sheer simplicity. 

Probably best known for his wonderful remix of the Moti Brothers track ‘Underground’ released on Ready Mix last year, Georgian producer EKE provides the package’s only remix. His version of ‘Adventure’ introduces floaty chords and fragile piano notes before letting loose with a warm synth bass, perfect for sunset on the terrace.


Yade - Feel Like EP

Standout producer Yade returns to Daylight Robbery with the 'Feel Like' EP, including punchy drums, bouncing bass and chopped vocals. Remixing the title track are K & K and Michael Quadelli, who both bring their sound once again to the label providing stomping beats to round off a top level EP.


Alt.Society - Cloud City EP

Both born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this duo first met around 2008-09. Perhaps it was inevitable, as both share great love and passion for music. Not long after they met, the two producers began developing a taste for deep and groovy house. Under the names Mr. H and RafaEL, the artists began their career releasing in labels such as, Home Grooves, Experimentaltech Records, Oxygen House Music, Suma Records,Xtended and more. Searching for a new sound and concept the duo embarked on a new project called Alt.Society. Sharing the same musical roots, tastes and creative vision, this project involves music for the ears, or in other words, music to listen AND dance, rather than to just dance.

Released October 16, 2017 on Not For Us Records






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