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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

This Week's New Entries

EMR007 Sly Moore - Muoosic (Elevate Melodies Records)

Instilled with a love of raw analogue synths from a young age, Sly Moore uses that electronic education to good effect with his second release on Jay Airness’ new label, Elevate Melodies. 

Channeling swung New Jersey deep house, ‘Muoosic’ is the sort of jam that would kick start any dancefloor from open to close, the descending keys and playful stop/start percussion creating something that Julio Bashmore fans will love. 

The package comes with three remixes: the Acid Revolution Mix does exactly what it says, with oscillating bass goodness sitting astride a throbbing, escalating rework, while the Alda remix takes things more industrial, choosing a darker vibe that would suit Ivan Smagghe and Andrew Weatherall. And finally, Bertrand Dupart dials up the funk and injects some serious soul creating the perfect warm up track.

Release date : 2017 December 15th






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