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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

This Week's New Entries

Armen Miran - Lost Found EP (The Remixes)

Artist: Armen Miran
Title: Lost Found EP (The Remixes)
Remixes by: Ali Farahani | MoM | Holed Coin | Anatolian Sessions
Cat #: SRMR178
Label: Ready Mix Records

Release Date: 
December 25th 2017 (Beatport Exclusive)
January 8th 2018 (Worldwide)

Bidding farewell to 2017 in style, Ready Mix has prepared a very special new remix package for one of our most successful releases of 2016, “Lost Found EP” by Armen Miran to close out the year. 

The Lost Found EP was Armen’s first ever official release; he’s since built an impressive discography on imprints such as Sol Selectas, Underyrourskin Records, Earthly Delights as well as licensing some tracks and mixing an official Buddha Bar compilation. With Hraach and Robot Needs Oil turning in impressive remixes for the original release, we’ve assembled an all-star lineup to revisit the project.

Firstly, Italian/Iranian producer Ali Farahani delivers a mellow, deep house reworking of “Jojo In The Stars”, combining wistful strings with a compelling groove and just a touch of middle eastern magic. 

Remixing the EP’s title track “Lost Found”, Spanish producer MoM heads into deep tech territory, gradually building up a potent percussive atmosphere which counterbalances its relaxed tempo. 
Also tackling the title track, experimental trio Holed Coin pair their electronic and classical influences with a dramatic live guitar riff that wouldn’t go amiss in a classic Western movie. 

Taking “Lost & Found” back into dreamy, hypnotic territory, Anatolian Sessions layers intensely spiritual vibes from his native Turkey over the most delicate of synth soundscapes.

All tracks mastered by Fabien Kamb at Standpoint Mastering in Los Angeles. 

On behalf of all of us at Ready Mix, Records, we wish you a safe and happy New Year and we look forward to being back with you in 2018 with more musical goodness. 


Elfenberg - Antrea EP (3000 Grad Records)

Antrea: Could be the name of a planet from a Sci-Fi movie. A world with bazaars and temples that are reminiscent of ancient human cultures, but with holograms and all sorts of wondrous spacecrafts hovering through the air. So Antrea is a great name for an EP that sounds as huge and epic as if it really was the soundtrack for this kind of Sci-Fi movie. Even that seedy bar where adventurous aliens and space travelers from all corners of the galaxy hang out has been transcribed into sound: Four different remixes add a proper dose of transdimensional drive to the dream-like boost of the original tracks.

Release date: 22th December 2017

Format : Digital







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