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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

James More, Hess Is More & Valentin Huedo - Spirits EP

This years first Music For Dreams EP 'Spirits EP' comes with tracks by three very special artists: James More, Hess Is More and Valentin Huedo.

James Moor is a producer and Dj based in Copenhagen. His sound is best described as Deep house with a twist of exotic elements and is made for dance floor destroying. In live performances James Moor features a creative and diverse mix that is always presented in a sophisticated and authentic way.
When James grew up his idols were legends as Jimi Hendrix and Freddy Mercery and he basically grew up among keyboards and guitars which catalyzed a passion for music that has been with him ever since. Although it’s no longer Jimi and Freddy coming out of the speakers.

The passion is still there whether James is producing or Dj’ing and mixing up the genres of Deep- and groovy Tech house often with a melodic twist.
Mikkel Hess has prolifically created music for film and theatre, including longtime collaborations with The Royal Theatre and Ballet in Copenhagen. Yet, to most people, Mikkel is best known for his ongoing project “Hessismore”, with the 6th studio album to be released August 19, 2014 entitled: "Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway”.

Over the years, Hessismore has taken various forms. From being mostly a solo project, it has developed into a full blown live ensemble with 8 musicians.
The original track “Yes Boss” was first released by Kenneth Bager’s label "Music for Dreams" in 2006 as part of the album “Hess Is More - Captain Europe”. Since then it has been on a slow rise to wide popularity with more than 8 million combined views on youtube and appearances on a long list of compilations.

Valentin Huedo has been building a reputation as DJ for years, playing to dancefloors worldwide, he is one of the well known Ibiza DJs, and one of Ibiza ́s hottest DJ exports. The multi awardered artist was the person behind the Cafe Del Mar decks for 8 years and now is one of the creative minds behind ibiza Sonica radio and Blue Marlin Ibiza DJ team.

His impact is international, playing in over 25 countries, including Events such as the festival Music For Dreams (sharing lineup with Carl Craig, Radio Slave and Jose Gonzalez), and tours to India, China ,UAE , South America and Europe. Valentin was recognized as the youngest artist with the greatest dj career that the Island of Ibiza has ever had. He has been seeking and finding his own personal sound, reaching its peak with the track, Campo de Flores (2011), a beautiful theme of Deep and Hypnotic Balearic House that has received international specialized critical acclaim.'


A1 James Moor - Spirits
B1 Hess is more - Yes Boss (Serge Devant Remix)
B2 Valentin Huedo - Running On Grass

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