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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Other2Sides - Back Then

    Back Then
    Back Then (Fernan Dust Remix)

Muskox Records reaches into its hometown talent pool to proudly present Other2Sides' first single "Back Then." Hailing from Cheltenham, UK, Other2Sides introduces himself with a British house music sound that is nostalgic and bouncy with many of the characteristics of garage and the current bass scene. Sweetly pitched, chopped up vocals scurry about alongside percussive pitter patter. A strong kick and powerful bass line shadowed by a filtered lead organ really propel the track. Fernan Dust provides a different take on "Back Then" with his remix, following up on a recent EP on Muskox. A Venezuelan currently based in Berlin, Fernan deepens the mood with a slower tempo and more subdued sounds. Lovely, melancholic keys are responded to by brass stabs, and the rhythm is rearranged to provide a more rolling groove. The two versions accomplish different vibes, but both are just perfect for the summer season.

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