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Monday, 10 November 2014

69 North - Esperanza Fire

Space dub techno? Deep universe listening? 69 North keeps the fire of hope burning. The astronaut is back with a wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack for a science fiction short movie or for cold and lonesome work days in outer space. “Esperanza Fire”’s positively bubbling minimal techno vibes get you up. “Super Moons” lets you drift slowly to your destination, “Titan’s Halo” is where your work day is starting. You are a astro-digger, harvesting “Rare Solars” from Saturn’s moons and rings. But that day, something goes wrong. “Alien Asteroids” approach and destroy the connection to your ship, cutting you off from your aural joys, from your buddies and colleagues. While oxygen gets lower, the sun appears behind Titan…”Outside the ship”, still disconnected, you get hit by dangerous asteroid particles, here, there…the sun gets bigger and bigger…then, in the “Final Moments”, everything suddenly gets quiet and smooth…all you can hear is the sound of space…another awesome trip by 69 North and Emerald & Doreen!

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