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Monday, 10 November 2014

Playless - How Much

    Juno (Abstrakt Audio's 'Warehouse' Remix)
    How Much?
    How Much? (Xander Milne Remix)

Whiskey Pickle, the little central Texas imprint, has outdone themselves with a staggeringly ambitious output this year. Their massive schedule included next level releases from Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss, Walter Jones, and newcomers such as Xander Milne, Thomas, and Glass Slipper alongside remix contributions from heavy hitters like James Curd, Sleazy McQueen, Dead Rose Music Company, and Jake Childs.

As 2014 comes to a close, Whiskey Pickle wraps up its biggest year to date with a blinding release from Barcelona based producer Playless. The Spanish native -- born Alex Ferrer -- is no novice to the global scene and has an impressive resume under his previous alias Sidechains. Through releases on Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Toolroom, Moda, and Sweat It Out, plus a residency at Barcelona’s most beloved venue, Razzmatazz, the young maestro has earned his stripes in an authentic and organic way: with hard work, perseverance, and talent.

Ferrer’s second artist release as Playless comes in the form of "How Much?" and "Juno". Both tracks brilliantly showcase his production style which blends forward thinking, modern techniques with the fun, carefree spirit of dance music’s humble beginnings. "How Much?" kicks things off with shuffling hats, shimmering piano riffs, MIDI saxophones, and bass drops … the good time vibes are palpable on this one. The B-side, "Juno", pays homage to the sweaty warehouse days of yore with a barrage of 909 percussion, cavernous reverb, and a bass line as 'silky' as Steve Hurley.

Londoner-turned-Parisian and Vulture Music label admin Xander Milne makes his second appearance on Whiskey Pickle remixing "How Much?". He twists the wistful leanings of the original into a pumping, party-jam anthem. Crackling percussion and layers of hype-man vocals bring the energy to a boiling point at the massive, filtered piano breakdown. "Juno" gets a deep and heavy re-rub from Whiskey Pickle stalwart Abstrakt Audio on his 'Warehouse' Remix which transports the listener to a darkened dance floor somewhere on the south side of Chicago.

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