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Monday, 3 November 2014

Hardkiss - It's Right (Remixes)

    It's Right (Harness Vox Remix)
    It's Right (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)
    It's Right (Constar Remix)
    It's Right (Gavin Hardkiss Barefoot Remix)
    It's Right (Robbie Hardkiss Re-Do)
    It's Right (rAin Re-Edit)

San Francisco electronic music mainstays Hardkiss have released double remix EPs of “It's Right", the fourth single off their sentimental spring album release 1991. The album was hailed as "one of the most important EDM records of the last ten years" by Magnetic Magazine while called it "a modern dance classic." For the occasion, Hardkiss have reached into their own backyard to pull from Bay Area family on one side and, on the other, contributors from around the globe further extending their tribe - dual offerings aimed at delivering a diverse collection of remixes.

The San Francisco Family Remixes features different versions from David Harness, Freakpusher, Robbie Hardkiss, and Gavin Hardkiss while The Global Family Remixes includes a host of international artists from Africa, Europe, and the USA including Stephane Deschezeaux, rAin, N'Dinga Gaba, Constar, and, once again, Gavin Hardkiss.

For early digestion, a six track sampler merges the two EPs, showcasing a few highlights by the Hardkiss brothers, Harness, rAin, N'Dinga Gaba, and Constar. The holistic effort from this cast of characters is hard to pin down on a release that is at times dramatic, playfully pop-sensible, and tapping into something cosmic … but mostly downright funky and unpredictable. Nothing less is to be expected when bringing together the contrasting mix of San Francisco dance music legends, rising producers with their own take on the South African sounds, and a lone New Yorker from the Brooklyn borough. It must be said that this record means a lot to the Hardkiss brothers, with Robbie having re-sung the original vocals for his retouch and Gavin reportedly remixing the song 'at least 100 times' to get to his latest incarnation of it. In their hands, the final outcome is understandably bound with love and care.

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